Project Management

Process Design and Engineering

AEPL utilizes the technical expertise for selection of right technologies according to the applications in water, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors. AEPL uses established software packages for process design, considering all critical elements of decision making client assessment, risk assessment, ability to execute, estimated margin, resource availability and proposal cost.

Detailed Engineering

The process design is converted into detailed engineering drawings and documents by the specialists. Several techniques are extensively used as design aids to help in developing optimum layout and design to ensure maximum construction, operational and maintenance conveniences. The detailed bill of materials along with drawings is made with at-most accuracy.


AEPLhasan expertise for effective global procurement services including contracts and purchase, inspection, expediting and transportation with effective monitoring. The database is maintained for all the capable vendors, contractors and other agencies, which have in turn resulted in purchasing low cost goods and services in time to meet the requirements of aproject.

Construction Management

AEPL ensures proper management of construction at site, which includes selection of capable construction contractors, warehouse management, quality control assurance, and monitoring and scheduling the work in progress. It also takes complete responsibility of site survey, investigation of mechanical completion of the project, and also extends assistance in project commissioning. Use of modern construction techniques, innovation procedures, and emphasis on quality and safety has led to reduction in construction time of projects yet delivering the highest quality of work.

Commissioning and Plant Start-Up

Process and engineering design documents are reviewed and audited with respect to operability and safety. There are a set of operating manuals for the plants providing instructions and guidelines for safe start-up, shutdown and handling various emergencies. It provides guidelines and supervises pre-commissioning and commissioning activities at site. Assistance is provided in conducting performance guarantee tests and technical guidance for troubleshooting.