Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Over 90% of energy that we use today comes from non-renewable sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas. The supply of such fuel is limited and yet the demand continues to rise. If we use energy more efficiently and at the same time increase the sourcing of alternative and renewable resources, we can reduce our energy costs, besides helping achieve the following:

  • Saving our natural resources and preserving our environment
  • Reducing carbon emissions, smog and global warming
  • Preventing oil spills and acid rain.

Saving energy is not a burden, but an investment. The fundamental goal of energy conservation and management is to produce goods and provide services with the least cost and least environmental effect. We feel obligated to advocate the efficient use of energy resources through implementation of energy efficient and/or renewable energy technologies and to reduce the carbon foot print of industries and commercial establishments. We have vast experience in providing consultancy services and conducting energy audits in multifarious industries and commercial establishments. Our consultants have also been trained on advanced techniques in energy conservation and management for manufacturing & process industries and power utilities overseas.

AEPL also facilitates the business enterprises (manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings or any establishments, where energy is used) to set up energy and asset data management system, an enhanced energy management system (EEMS), for Web based data acquisition and report generating system. The EEMS system provides a centralized power monitoring and control facility. Web based software architecture enables the user to view online or offline data and generate reports.